Pangea Circus

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A circus show that combines acrobalance, object manipulation, juggling and balancing techniques such as high unicycle, rola-bola, and more.
The show is full of humor and audience interaction.
The performance is adjusted to the makeup of the audience.
Suitable for all ages.
The couple has appeared in festivals in Europe and in Israel to great acclaim.

Circazug Show

Pangea Circus presents the unique combination of exotic fire dancing with acrobalance.
The show feeds off inner fire, flames of love, and the burning motions of neverending dancing.
The show is fascinating for evey age and will heat up your evening...
The couple has appeared in festivals in Europe and in Israel to great acclaim.

Duesh Show

The Hat Festiva 2008

In april 2008, we organized the first Hat Festival in Israel for Buskers. The idea of the festival is that the entrance is free and the audiance pay the preformers in their hat at the end of the show. The festival was made of the best street shows in israel and it was our pleasure to be the artistic managers. 

The Hat Festival 2009 


After the success of the first hat festival in 2008 we took on the chalange of creating the second hat festival. The idea of enabling a family to see good circus shows in a price they decide they can handle was very important for us. This was possible due the help of the port of Tel Aviv whom hosted the festival and made it possible.

Dreaming in motion

The closing show of The Hat Festival of 2009. Each night we preformed Dreaming in motion which was a calabaration of modern classicle music playd by musicians from the philhamonic and various circus artists. This unique collabaration gave birth to a show that touched and moved the audiance in new ways.

T​he Incredibles

A show by Hilal Perez (from Pangea Circus) and Sharon Cypis. The show was born as a result of the expansion of our family. Many thanks to Sharon Cypis for fun and exciting shows together.