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Acrobalance is acrobatics of two or more performers based on balance with acrobatics.
During the course of the workshop the participants engage in exercises of balance and acrobatics, demonstrating diffrent sets of acorbalance.


Length of workshop is 45 minutes during which the participants will learn a combination of balance, mutual interaction and exercises, in an enervating and exciting atmosphere.
The workshop can contain a limited number of participants.

Recommended ages 15-60
No prior experience necessary. 

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Acrobalance Workshop

Description :
20 - 25 minutes presentation with explanations and specific demonstration of various techniques including:


Balls, Clubs, Flower sticks, Diablo, Chinese plates, Poi, Staffs, with a possibility of tight rope walking andf Stilts.

45 - 60 minutes of free play with individual instruction.

The workshop is suitable for ages 3 - 120 and no previous experience is necessary.


The participants can be up to 100 in number.

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Circus Workshop